Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road Trip!

What did I do over Labor Day weekend?  Funny you should ask!  Because that is exactly what I'll be talking about this evening.

We went on a road trip!  My grandparents are so adventurous, and decided that we (as in them, Seiji, Kylie, my mum, and I) should go on a road trip to Colorado!

So that means....a LOT of driving.

But actually, a lot of fun can be had while driving!  You can listen to terrible music, as well as excellent music.  Or even better, you can stop at cool places!  My grandparents know a lot of fun places to stop at when a rest is needed.  Like a musical park where everything makes music!

That was pretty entertaining, more parks should steal their musical idea.

Another fun place we stopped at was Hole In The Rock, where a couple in the 60s built a whole house out of caves!

It is genuinely impressive.  I wish we could have taken pictures inside!  But we took plenty outside, because there were a lot of weird things.

I also found one of my own kind!

So there are just a couple of the places we stopped at.  It is definitely good to have breaks from driving on and on!  But sometimes you also get hungry....good thing we also stopped to buy watermelon!

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