Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Via Instagram

I did one of these posts last year, so I thought that I would do another this year!  I dedicate it to the things that I did this summer.  Like going to the temple...those are some of my favorite memories from this summer.  Going to do baptisms with some of my favorite people was really cool, definitely experiences to remember!  The Salt Lake City temple was probably my favorite of the three we went to.

I also added some pictures of various nature excursions, because I was out in nature quite a lot!  I really enjoy going up the canyons, and very much appreciated Utah's mountains this summer.  I also ran a lot and learned not to take being fit and healthy for granted, because it really sucks when you can't run!

I had to throw in the picture of Jeff and I at The Postal Service concert!  We spent many memorable days together when we could, despite him being so busy redoing pretty much their whole house.  And this was one of those memorable days!  It was fun seeing a band that I have loved for so long live!

And of course, a picture of Eths and I!  He and I really bonded over the summer.  He was such a good friend, making sure I was never lonely!  We have been friends for so long, we are pretty much siblings.

A picture of the matching socks of Jeff and I, as well as the hats that Ky and I just love, also seemed necessary.  Because I did a sufficient amount of shopping this summer!  But guess what?  I spent hardly any money at all!  I went to two stake's clothing exchanges (is that allowed?) and got a bunch of awesome grandma clothes for free to fix up.  I hit a couple of thrift stores here and there, and of course did a bit of shopping in Salt Lake City.  But my point is...although I did do some shopping, I managed to save up quite a lot of money....I already have half of the money I need for my China trip I'm planning on going on next summer!

So yeah... it was a really fun summer.  It could possibly be called my most adventurous summer yet!

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