Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trail Running

My friends and I are so spoiled to live in such a beautiful place.  Really, the place in this picture is only like 20 minutes away from my house!  It is a nice little (actually, pretty huge...) place where we like to go on trail runs on the days we miss cross country practice.

Heroic pose.

It's called Potato Hill.  It is so beautiful how you can look to one side and see nature, and look to the other side and you can see the whole Salt Lake valley!

We all had to get one.

We always go in the evening, and the weather is always perfect.  And it is so beautiful to see the sun go down!

Sometimes we come across little lizard friends.  But first Ethan must do some research of the species, to make sure our new friend will not kill us!

#halfCaucasians #andalizard

Chris got very emotionally attached, and wanted to take him home.  But there was no way I would let him bring that into my van!  In the end, (after much convincing) he realized that his new friend would be happier back where he belongs...but it was still a tearful goodbye.

You see....not much running gets done between all of our picture-taking and other distractions...

I suggest that you go find a trail right now...and then run it!  Appreciating nature makes everyone a little bit (or a lot) happier!

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