Monday, August 26, 2013

What I've Been Listening To Lately... (Part 1)

I hardly talk about music at all anymore!  What's up with that?  I guess I'm over my crazy indie music obsession, because that's seriously what it was.  An obsession!  My favorite thing ever was just looking for awesome new bands for hours and hours.  Though that does sound enjoyable, and I really do love my music, I don't have time for spending all my time on it anymore!  I'm too busy doing more important things!  I'll let Noah find new bands for me...

But of course, I still have music playing all the time.  Bands that I have loved for forever!  So I decided to dedicate a post (actually two) to albums that I have been listening to lately.  As in, over the summer and now.  Let's begin!

I am obsessed with this album.  I love it so much!  I found it in my aunt Karen's music when I was in elementary school, and my best friend Kenzie and I would dance to 'Don't Stop' for forever!  It was pretty much our favorite song.  Well recently I rediscovered it, and can't stop playing it while going on semi-long drives!

I thrifted this album quite a while ago.  One of my greatest finds - I absolutely love Feist!  This is the album of hers that I know the best because I listened to it so many times on my way to cross country every morning.  I just think that it is so summery!

What a beautiful man.  And his music is just as beautiful.  Actually, even more beautiful!  This album serenaded me through many mowing-the-lawn mornings.  It is super mellow and calm, and that's what I love about it!  It is not emotionally exhausting to listen to at all.

I don't think I'm ever going to stop listening to this album over and over!  It is definitely my favorite of The Smith's, and it is just incredible.  Seriously, one of my favorite albums ever.  Every song is perfect!  And for every occasion!

I bought this album a long long time ago after watching the video for the song The Suburbs, which is super pretty (watch it).  I didn't get back to it until the beginning of this year, when Jeff nagged me to love it (Arcade Fire is one of his favorites!)  I listened to it all the way through and was hooked!  So pretty much since then I have been listening to it a lot.... I especially enjoy listening to it as I sew!

So yeah, there are just a few of the albums I've been super into lately.  Come back tomorrow.... there's a couple more I'd like to talk about!

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