Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Asian Junk Food

My friends!  As you may have noticed, I am a large supporter of the Asian Market.  Indeed.  Especially when it comes to Asian candy!

Now maybe you have been to an Asian market?  Were you perhaps overwhelmed by the peculiar smell (that I love), and the variety of products you couldn't read the labels of?  Well no worries, because today I want to tell you guys a bit about my favorite kinds of Asian candy, so you too can know what is good!

Milky!  These candies have been my favorite ever since I can remember!  They're basically just milk candy, and so good.  Unfortunately the Asian market closest to my humble abode rarely has them!  Such a shame!  If anyone can find me some Milky...I will love you forever.

 Most everyone knows about Pocky, right?  They're probably the most known out of all 'Asian candy'!  They're pretty good.  Not super exciting, just chocolate on a cookie type thing.  But still a lot of fun!  And they make them in all different flavors.

I think these are adorable!  Choco Boy.  They're pretty much just like Pocky, but lower quality and 5x times more fun because they're shaped like mushrooms.  Dude!  Mushrooms are so cute!

White Rabbits!  These are Kylee's favorite!  Seriously, every time she comes over she goes to our pantry and grabs some, haha.  And that is understandable, they are so good!  They are kind of like Milky, because they are just milk flavored, but they are wrapped in rice paper (which you can eat).  They are super good!  I just think they should be half the size because they're kind of a mouthful.

Milkitas!  Also milk based, but I really like the melon flavored ones.  I don't really know why American candy is so rarely melon flavored.... what a neglected fruit.  Tons of things are melon flavored in Asia!

I've loved these forever too!  Boton Rice Candy...mmmm... we used to buy them in little boxes at Albertson's when I was little.  They always come with the greatest stickers!  And they taste rather unique.  The (edible) rice paper is also a bonus!

And of course, you must always have some Ramune, Japanese soda!
They aren't even that delicious.  They just taste like normal soda, but less sweet and carbonated (which I appreciate).  But you must buy them anyway because they are just so cool!  I mean, you have to open the bottle by pushing in the marble stuck to the top!  Crazy!

And....that's it.  If you didn't notice, a lot of the candy is milk flavored.  I feel like most American candy is way too sweet!  Milk based is definitely the way to go.

Anyway...good night!

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