Sunday, September 1, 2013

Durango & Silverton

Now you may be wondering why we ventured to Colorado.  It still remains a bit of a mystery to me....but the most momentous thing we did was ride a train!  Oh baby!

That is right.  We started out in Durango, Colorado and took a 4 hour train ride to Silverton.

It was beautiful!

It was a real steam engine!  Not environmentally friendly at all.  We had to wear sunglasses because of all of the soot, it got everywhere!

I spent a lot of the time leaning over the edge watching everything go by.  It was pretty fun, being in the 'open gondola'

Except I've got to say... 4 hours is a freakin' long time.  We may have fallen asleep a couple of times...

We found other ways to pass time as well, like taking pictures with one of the employees...

Walking from car to car was pretty fun, too!  I felt like a true adventurer.

We eventually arrived in Silverton, which is a cute little mining town.  We had time to look around a bit, but not much at all before we had to get back on to the train for another 4 hours!

So in all, the ride was 8 hours long.  It was a little bit super exhausting, actually.  It was way too long for my taste, 2 hours would have been sufficient.  At least there were many beautiful things to look at!

It was definitely a relief when we made it back to Durango.  We felt pretty gross by then....but still, I'm glad we rode the train.  It was definitely an experience to remember!


Jackie said...

Dear Madi, you are super cute! These pictures are great! I am stalking you right now on your blog. JK but really. Cute pics

Madi Riye said...

Well a couple of weeks ago, I literally spent three hours on your I think we are even! And thank you :D

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