Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy National Backwards Day!

January 31st is a great day.  First of all, because it is the end of January, the worst month in all of existence.  And second, because it is National Backwards Day!  Good thing Kylee's planner let us know, or else we would have totally missed out.

You may be wondering how one celebrates National Backwards Day.  Well don't worry, because my friends and I will let you know!

First of all, you have to wear your clothes backwards.  That's a given, but do not forget your backpack and your glasses!  Except we figured that wearing glasses on the backs of our heads would result in running into a lot of things, so upside down has to be good enough.

And in class, you must sit in your seat backwards while reading your book upside down..

Or, if you are enrolled in a drafting class, you can use your computer backwards!

Don't forget that when you are talking to someone, you should be facing the opposite way.

Chris, Simone, and I also celebrated by running on the track backwards.  The options are endless!  I hope that we gave you some great ideas on how to celebrate the next time January 31st rolls around.

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