Thursday, February 13, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Kind Of Early)

Kylee and I have been working hard on her dress for Sweethearts this weekend!  It has been a challenge because nobody has crimson sheer and that's what we need.

We also have been setting up our photo set!  Ben and Richard stood in for us.

We are not the only ones getting ready - Jeff has been perfecting his bow tie tying techniques!

There are four of us girls sharing a locker for track.  It is a little ridiculous!

We had our annual Japanese dinner at my grandma's!  It was incredibly delicious as usual.  We celebrated Allison's birthday while we were at it!
I stole this from my aunt's Instagram.  It is just some of what we had - so good!

Whenever we wait in lines at the store, Kylee updates herself on celebrity gossip.

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