Saturday, February 22, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

My mom, grandma, grandpa, Seiji, Kylie, Jeff, and I went to Mi Ranchito!  It was seriously a party.  Our server gave us free ice cream and also sang to Jeff for his birthday.  We had a ton of fun!

Allie and I babysat seven kids and this adorable puppy.  I really couldn't get over how cute he was!  His name was Charlie and he was tiny.

We went on another field trip to the moon!  I mean, the planetarium.  Astronomy is my favorite!  And matching constellation socks!

Chris and I got really hungry after school one day, so we stopped by Harts for hot dogs covered in nacho cheese.  It was an 89 cents well spent!

Kylee got Jeff and I into celebrity gossip, I guess.  When my aunt gave us all of these magazines, we just couldn't resist!

I taught Kess and Allie how to make sushi!  This is what happens when three girls get hungry at midnight, I guess.

Jeff and I walked to Starbucks on his birthday!  It was just like sophomore year all over again.  It was the best!

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