Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

Ky and I helped out with a Math Club competition for extra credit.  Those 'Mathletes' are just so entertaining!  We had a fun time taking pictures of them sneakily and eating a ton of candy.

Jeff replied to me!  We are going to Sweetheart's next week!
That was an old picture he found in a trunk in his basement.  I think it is so cool!  Especially paired with a quote from The Great Gatsby.

Did you know Simone has a food blog?  Well here it is!  It is so cute and I want to make everything on it.

Ethan added an activity to our wonderful whiteboard.  Now Fish and Snail are looking better than ever!

Jeff and I celebrated our 12 monthiversary by going to a local museum!  We've been there many times in elementary school, but not recently.  So it was really fun to check it out!

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