Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is my very best friend's birthday!  He is an absolutely amazing person who I clearly adore, so today I will share with you 10 reasons why he's my favorite.  I could think of many many more (even more than 52, I would assume), but then I'd be here forever!

1. He is super classy and gentleman-like
I mean look at that.  Have you ever seen a more classy couple? For 16 and 17 years old, that is pretty impressive.  Jeff is such a gentleman too, and is one of the most respectful people that I know.  He never fails to open doors for every lady, and he only has nice things to say to me.

2. He has a great taste in food
I kind of eat weird things.  But guess what - Jeff likes all of those weird things that I like!  That means we always have feasts of seaweed, croutons, tomatoes with mayonnaise, and salad dressing.  Other people are a bit grossed out, but Jeff and I find our food delicious.  Also - he is always up for Mexican food, which is my favorite food ever I think!  I also love that he is always willing to try new foods.  He's definitely not a food racist.

3. He is one funny kid
We basically became friends because I thought he was the funniest and most interesting person ever.  I spent a good portion of Jr. High teasing him, which I apologize for.  But he was always such a good sport!  He has the funniest sense of humor that I sometimes don't get, which makes it even funnier.  And he always laughs at my terrible puns, which is very sweet!  Some days we can't even take ourselves seriously.  Those are the best days.

4. He always cheers me up
Jeff is amazingly optimistic and I really don't understand how.  I find myself thinking very negatively quite often, but luckily for me Jeff is always there to put things into perspective and to cheer me up!

5. He is very adventurous
I love that Jeff is okay with doing absolutely nothing when we hang out, but I also love that he is always up for an adventure!  He loves going places and seeing things with me, and it is always fun to have him accompany on my journeys.  He is also good at knowing how to get around, which is good because I'm the driver and don't know how to get anywhere.

6. He is artistic
Jeff is an amazing painter!  One of the best gifts I have ever received was the portrait he painted of me.  He's also great at drawing and musical things, he is just artistic in every way!

7. He is cultured
I didn't know what kind of picture would be good for this, but Jeff is awesomely cultured and I love it.  He isn't just another one of those naive Utah boys, he actually knows quite a lot about the world and different cultures and that is so cool!  Maybe it helps that his mom is from Colombia and his dad is from New York and he's been to a billion different places.

8. He appreciates the vintage ways
I am so incredibly grateful that I can take Jeff to vintage, antique, and thrift stores and he won't get bored.  He loves old things just like I do and we have so much fun!  Apart from him and my grandma, I don't know anyone else that could look at old furniture for hours.  But Jeff is awesome at knowing just how old things are and really appreciates antiques.  It is awesome!

9. He has a great style
Need I say more?  Obviously Jeff is more stylish than I am.  He has awesome sweater, cardigan, and blue button up shirt collections.  Sometimes I just want to steal all of his clothes, but I refrain.

10. He is super supportive
Jeff is just so nice!  He always supports me in everything I do.  He always gets excited about my new sewing projects, is an avid reader of my blog (I think), and asks me about track or cross country all the time.  He takes an interest in my life and is always there to support me through anything.

So Jeff, I hope that you have the greatest day ever!  I am super grateful to have you in my life!

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Mary Chesworth said...

So lovely! Looks like you are both wonderful people. Happy Birthday Jeff!

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