Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

This year I decided that I love Valentines day!  I don't have a super romantic boyfriend or anything, but I decided that a day dedicated to love is an adorable idea.  Even if it was just invented for places to get a ton of money!

I proceeded to celebrate by giving my friends some custom Valentines cards.  Here are two of them, Kylee's is for sure my favorite!  She has a thing for Chopin, and you have to know how to pronounce his name right to understand her card.

And I always tell Jeff that 'knife' and 'ice' are the greatest words to make stupid puns out of because they sound like 'nice' and he totally doesn't agree, so I had to make that a part of his card, haha!

Not like I even got to see Jeff other than in the morning for a couple of minutes (enough time to exchange cards...I also made him cookies!) and a couple of minutes during lunch.  He spent the day singing to other girls for choir... but that is okay because Eths and I had a great Valentines day spent in our coach's classroom!

I read probably one page in my book and spent the rest of my time sending communist Valentines pictures to everyone on my contacts list.  It was terrible, terrible fun.

It was a good Valentines Day!  And my grandpa brought me chocolate like he does every year, which is the cutest thing ever and so delicious!  Hope you all had a great day as well!

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