Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Favorite Restaurants

Today I am thinking about food.  I love love love food so much.  Not always, actually, a lot of the time I really dislike food.  But today I love it.  And to celebrate my love for food, I think that I am going to share with you guys my favorite restaurants!

First of all, I really love Mi Ranchito.  It is probably my favorite.  And it is extremely affordable!

I used to hate it a ton!  It is my mom's favorite, and she would always make me go there as a kid even though I was pretty sure Mexican food was terrible.  But alas, less than one year ago, on one fateful car ride to Seattle, I started craving Mexican food.  It was the strangest thing in the world, because I thought I hated it.  I convinced my family to stop by some Mexican restaurant in Oregon and immediately fell in love, even though that particular restaurant wasn't that great.  Since then, I have found Mi Ranchito to be my favorite of all Mexican restaurants!  Although, I must say that Tumhara was freaking amazing, and I think that maybe if I went there some more it would be my favorite... but who knows.  My point is, Mi Ranchito is the most delicious place ever, and I would seriously eat there every day.  Especially because of the cherry coke, chips & salsa, and the free sucker you get after.  I always go for lime.

I also really love Blue Lemon, even though it's more spendy.

Blue Lemon is one of those organic places people go to when they want to feel hip and healthy.  And I must be one of those people, because I can't seem to resist Blue Lemon's salmon!  I don't even remember when this restaurant popped up next to my doctor's, but good thing it did... we always go there afterwards, and it almost makes the shots worth it!  Almost.  But really, their salmon is the greatest and I have even gone there a couple of nights in a row just because I love it so much.  And they always cook up whatever vegetable is in season with it.  Lately it has been brussels sprouts, which are one of my many favorite vegetables!  And their lemonade is also praiseworthy... not too sweet and not too bitter - I crave it all the time!

So there are my two favorite restaurants.  It was surprisingly easy to decide on just two, because these are really the only places I could go to every night.  I really suggest that you go try them!


Diane Baker said...

Hello there, my fellow food enthusiast! For sure, you’re not the only one who thinks about food all the time. Anyways, I see that the number one in your list is a Mexican restaurant. There’s just so much to love about Mexican food: the rich flavor, fresh ingredients, and the savory taste of each meat and veggies they come in, topped with all that chili. Yum!

Diane Baker @ Alejandra’s Restaurant

Madi Riye said...

Now you'v got me craving Mexican food, haha! I'm glad to hear you appreciate it as much as I do... it really is the best!

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