Monday, February 10, 2014

My Style In 10 Pictures

I do this post every year, and it is practically the same each time.  But I must continue doing it, because there are always a couple of little things that change, and it is kind of fun to see that over time!  Here we go:

1. Sweaters
I love sweaters so much and have way too many of them.  Generally I wear sweaters from the mens section because I like them loose. They are just so comfortable!  I feel a little bit lazy in them but whatever.

2. Khakis
I wear normal jeans to school probably once a month.  Blue denim is just not really me!  Instead I wear khakis.  All the time.  They just go with more, I think...

3. Tights
Always.  I don't think I'll ever stop wearing my colored tights.

4. Cardigans
Especially in the winter!  I have a billion of them and wear one almost every day, I swear.

5. Collared shirts
A shirt without a collar is like toast without honey.  Acceptable, but not delicious.

6. Belts
Normally thrifted.  I always wear belts and have a collection of them that always stops my closet doors from shutting.  So annoying, but worth it for sure.

7. Dresses
My dresses are usually vintage or handmade!  I think that dresses are way comfier, often comfier than pants.  And I like to look classy!

8. Rings
I always wear a thin ring on my right hand ring finger.  Nothing more!  I have several rings that I switch off with, and other than them I generally don't wear jewelry.  Not including the pearl earrings my dad gave me that I never take out, of course!

9. Vintage Shorts
I love wearing vintage shorts!  They are really fun and I don't understand why nobody else wears them.  THE POCKETS ARE HUGE.

10. Man t-shirts
This includes band t-shirts.  I spend most of my time in these comfy t-shirts (bought in mens sizes for extra comfort) because I use them to run in and am too lazy to change afterwards (it's not gross, I promise).  And I always wear them on the weekends!  Oh t-shirts...

You know, what's unique about this year's post is that there are a lot less 'outfit pictures'.  Mostly they're just my normal everyday snapshots.  Haha I guess I get a lot less 'outfit pictures' than I used to, and that is probably a good thing.

Have a wonderful day!  Be stylish!

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