Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Portraits Of Chris & Jeff

Here is part two of my portrait assignment!  My teacher (whose name is Sue) said that at least one of my 'models' has to be a boy.  Well, good thing I have some multicultural friends of the male gender who are willing to model for me!

First I took pictures of Chris.  We were driving down to the creek when we passed one of my favorite antique shops and I started freaking out because Chris had never been there before and they had redone the inside of the barn and it was extra beautiful and all that stuff.  We stopped and it ended up being an awesome place to take pictures - we didn't even have to go to the creek!

It was a 'natural lighting' assignment, but I couldn't help but take some pictures inside the barn as well, because the lighting was really cool.  And I must say that Chris was rocking his mom's coat!

When I picked up Jeff to take pictures of him, he informed me that it was a poncho kind of day.

And let's just say that he was more interested in taking pictures than modeling for them.  I only got about 5 of him!  But I don't blame him, the cemetery we went to was gorgeous.

And that concludes my first portrait assignment!  I decided that I like editing pictures even more than I like taking them, haha.  And I'm super excited for summer so that all the plants in my pictures won't be so dead!

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