Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simone's Sushi Party

In honor of Simone's birthday, we decided to have a sushi making party!

And it was really great.  Like you do with any good sushi making party, we started off by making some sushi.  Simone is really good at it!  Normally I don't love sushi, but I do love it when it is homemade.  Especially because you can make it smaller so it can actually fit in your mouth, haha!  It was seriously amazing.

Most everyone liked it or at least tried it.  It was a struggle making Matt try it, and he almost puked when he did.  And Daren wouldn't even give it a chance!

But that is okay, because we had other food as well.  Like Simone's birthday 'cake'!  Which was basically just whipped cream and fruit.  Matt made it!

I was actually really impressed with it.  It had some chocolate cake in it and some kind of pudding.  It was really good!  And it was fun singing to Simone.

Brianda brought some Mexican flan cake, which was really interesting to try.  I'm still trying to decide what I think about it!  I think it tasted good, but the texture was a little bit strange.  Either way, by the time I got to it I was too full to eat very much, haha!  So I took pictures of the Sara(h)s eating desserts with chopsticks.

We were all feeling pretty fat by then.  So good thing Kylee brought Just Dance!  It was just like 9th grade all over again.

And then we were pretty much too exhausted to move for the rest of the evening!  It was a great party if I do say so myself.  But now I think I'm going to bed!

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