Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweethearts Day Date

Ethan is going to be at a science competition on Saturday, so we decided to have our day date a little early.  And we are glad that we did, because it was way fun!

First we went to Classic Skating and did some roller skating.  Ethan and Kylee were pretty good, but Jeff and I were horrible at it!  It was way fun anyway, even though the rink is super small.  There was a group of Jr. High girls skating in sync and it was the weirdest and most mesmerizing thing ever to watch.  They probably go every week to practice or something.  Anyway.

After roller skating for a while, we were driving to get ice cream when all of the fast food places we passed started to sound really good.  We realized that we were absolutely starving, so we went to the nearest Little Caesar's and got a $5 pizza.  It was seriously the most delicious thing I've ever tasted - I must have been hungry!  It was super super hot and made Kylee's car fog up and smell weird, but it was so worth it.

We still went to get ice cream, though.  I mean, we would never pass up the chance to go to Sub Zero!  That place is just so good.

And that's it!  We had a lot of fun, Kylee and I think that our planning went well and was worth failing a math test for (our planning meetings have been during math and we both failed our latest test because of it)(we would have failed it anyway).

Also, I was wearing my shirt inside out the whole time.

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