Monday, March 31, 2014

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hey!  When I couldn't decide what to blog about, my friend Simone suggested that I blog about my daily routines.  I think that is a pretty good idea even though my daily routines are nothing special at all!  But here you go anyway:

First I go to school.  I leave a little bit early to make sure I get a decent parking space.  Once I get there, I always go talk to my friends who are also there early.

Then I always need to go to my locker, where I find my other friends and greet them...

I go to classes...

Then it is lunch time!  When I don't eat rice I wait in the school lunch "line" where I get ran into and thrown all about.

Good thing we have a whole hour to eat!

Then it is time for more classes...
AP Calculus.  There used to be 41 students in this class.  Now we have 18.  #survivalofthefittest

Then track!

After that I go home where I eat whatever food I can find because by then I am always starving.

And that's pretty much it!
That's my set routine at least.  What I do afterwards varies from day to day, but I always stay busy whether I go to work, teach piano, or go to photo lessons.  And then I spend a couple of hours on homework, of course!

So thrilling, right??
The best part is when I get to go to bed!

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