Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Trip To SLCC Library

With a lack of things to do and a lack of things to eat, we decided to make a stop at the junk food shop and head next door to the library!

The boy in the middle is named Andy.  I have never seen him before in my life, but it turns out that he's in my grade and we've gone to the same school forever!  He's super smart, half Japanese, and is officially my friend now.

Of course, we got a little bit distracted on the way to the library.  I mean, cement blocks, how couldn't you stop?

Notice Chris planking in the back.
We finally made it to the library, where Eths taught us math.

We also found the section of books about calculus.  Who could resist The Art of Calculus!?

They actually had a lot of cool things at that library.

And we took undercover pictures of our friends.  The perfect way to kill time!

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