Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Favorite Instagrammers

Instagram is kind of the greatest thing in the world.  I spend way too much time on that app following way too many people.  Because of that, I think I will share with you guys some Intagrammers who I really enjoy for either their photography or their interesting lives!  To shorten the list I didn't add any people that I actually know, haha (or else the list would have been way long) so here are a couple of very talented strangers who have feeds that you should definitely check out.

bleubird is a blogger mom who has the cutest kids ever and takes the cutest pictures of them.  Her feed is so pretty!

astronomyphotos is a feed dedicated to pictures of astronomy-related things.  It turns out that I really like astronomy thanks to all of the awesome documentaries my science teacher shows our class.  So I love this account!

I have been keeping up with thedaintysquid for years, even before I had an Instagram account.  That is because she is also a blogger and has the most interesting tastes in everything.  You've got to agree that a girl obsessed with teeth and mushrooms is a unique girl indeed.  And her style is so cute!

skunkboy_ is another mom with an adorable family that I love seeing pictures of.  Remember when I won that Modcloth contest forever ago?  Well this girl, whose name is Katie, was the judge who chose me, and that is how I found her.

I really just can't get over how cute biddythehedgehog is!  Ahh!  This hedgehog seriously makes my day when he pops up on my feed.  He is just so cute and smiley....I can't even handle it...

I want to be samanthamistry when I grow up.  She just seems so cool!  She recently got married and her wedding was my dream wedding, she has one of my dream jobs (traveling around the country selling vintage clothes) and just has a great style over all.  It is frustrating how adorable she is.

So yeah... there are some bloggers who I really like!  Hope you found this interesting, and I hope that you have an Instagram account because it truly is a beautiful thing.

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