Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Room

I have the coolest student teacher in English!  She is adorable and always assigns the funniest assignments.  For example, Toe-thello was for an assignment where we had to make an adaptation of Othello.  And now, since it is the end of the term, she decided that we should have a poetry slam.  When we came to class she had set up a spotlight and we were in the dark and all wearing black.  All we had to do was share one of our revised journal entries (which we do every day in class).  It was so nice compared to the piles of homework in all my other classes!

Anyway, with nothing else to blog about I decided I would share with you guys my poem!

My Room
Madi Riye

I spend a lot of time in my room
Though others might say it’s as dark as a tomb
The walls are brown and a light tan
And on my desk hangs numbers from races I’ve ran

My ceiling is lined with indie music cases
And on my door are pictures of my friends faces
My book-covered desk takes up a whole wall
And my Christmas lights illuminate from up tall

Hanging up, there is a map that looks old
It stands out in hues of tan and gold
On it are places I’ve been and will go
But that’s in the future, when I’ll have more dough

Let’s not forget about my plant collection
On my windowsill, they take up a whole section
A bamboo, a succulent, and a red plant unnamed
All in vintage mugs that I at one point claimed

Though I don’t play it much now, I have a guitar
And a poster on which all of the chords are
I have jars and jars full of sand from many places
My friends bring me that sand from their travel destinations

The chairs in my room are rather uncomfortable
But they were my great-grandma’s, so I find them loveable
A string of my other great-grandma’s pearls on one of them is tied
Above are my great-uncle’s binoculars for staring outside

Above my bed is a picture my best friend painted
I stare at it a lot, so we’re well acquainted
Another painting also hangs, the one I got from Smith’s
They have really good artwork there, despite all of the myths

My closet is absolutely full of clothes I don’t wear enough
That’s what happens when you thrift and alter stuff
I also have a ton of shoes that are not really good for winter
And some unused track spikes; turns out I’m not a sprinter

Under my bed are my sweaters for the cold
Each one of them is exceedingly giant and old
You can also find my old binders and journals under there
And other things that to part with, I could not bear

Outside my window there are many things to see
Like the crazy lady who kind of scares me
There are also lots of kids running all around
But that’s okay because my trees block out the sound

I love my room, and perhaps you can see some reasons
It is very Autumn-like, if compared to the seasons
It is the place where I feel the safest, and the place I get things done
And the place to relax when a long day is done!

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