Monday, March 24, 2014

SkillsUSA State Is This Week!

I keep mentioning SkillsUSA in my posts, but you probably don't know what it is.  Formerly known as VICA, SkillsUSA is an organization, or club type thing, where you join and compete in one of 52 or so competitions.  All of the competitions are kind of strange sounding and vague, but they are all types of things that will get you ready for joining the workforce and being all professional and stuff.

As you can see,  SkillsUSA is full of great people and will supply you with hilarious shirts.

Eths competed in related technical math last year (and is planning on doing so again this year).  He had so much fun that he convinced Jeff and I to join, so we formed a Promotional Bulletin Board team with Chris! We started in September and have spent forever on it.  I think it looks pretty good - hopefully good enough for gold medals!

The reason I bring this up is because the SkillsUSA State competition is later this week!  The board is only half the points, and the presentation is the other half.  Well, we just barely started the presentation and I am the one in our group who will presenting.  So hopefully I can master it by the time we have to compete!

Anyway, the next few posts will probably be all about SkillsUSA because it is a very eventful couple of days.  Kind of.  So be prepared!  And enjoy our awesome uniforms - I love them so much!

Wish us luck!  We hope to at least place, and if we win gold we get to go on a free trip to Kansas City to compete at a national level!  It is free because our district sponsors our school for having the best chapter - wooh!

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