Friday, March 28, 2014


I know SkillsUSA looked like it was all fun and games.  And.... it was.  For the most part.  But for 4 of the hours out of the 23 that we spent at SLCC, my little team and I actually had to look and be professional for our project presentation.  Most of that 4 hours was just me being nervous!  BUT GUESS WHAT.  WE WON.  GOLD!!!!!

The winners were announced this evening, and perhaps you can imagine how much we were freaking out when we were called up as the first place winners!

They gave us our medals and pins and we were just ecstatic.  And guess what, our chapter broke our old record.  In all, we got 14 gold medals from 14 different competitions!  And many silver and bronze medals!  We did awesome!

Not only that, but our school won the traveling spirit award for the third year in a row!  That means we get to keep it.  Not that anyone is surprised though, our school is basically the only one with more than 12 members.  And we certainly do have an abundance of spirit!

I'm really proud of our team, we spent a lot of time on our board and that really paid off.  And I feel accomplished that I aced the presentation portion - I was nervous for that!

We named him Stanley and we love him.

We owe a lot to our adviser Dustin who was a really great mentor.  He always encouraged our crazy ideas and offered some great ideas of his own.  He's the best!

I JUST CAN'T GET OVER IT!  This means that we get to go to Nationals!  Looking at June in my planner is the most wonderful thing:

But now, my friends, I am going to bed.  It has been an exhausting and fulfilling past couple of days!

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