Friday, March 14, 2014

What I Do Instead Of Blog

I'm having a really hard time blogging lately.  Because of that, I asked my loyal Instagram followers if they had any quality ideas for blog posts.  My friend (actually I don't really know him in real life) @mcdougz9 suggested that I should write about ways to overcome writer's block.  Well, obviously I'm pretty bad at that, and my only suggestion is to post a picture on Instagram that has nothing to do with anything, and in the caption plead for help.

So I decided I would blog about what I do instead of blogging!  These would be things that I do to try to cure my writer's block, but they never really work

Eat chocolate
This is also what I do when I have a lot of homework due the next day.  I think I can work while eating chocolate, but it turns out I can't.  When I eat chocolate I need to give it my full attention.  Still, I try it every day.  And then I have to get up every five minutes to get a drink of water.

Look up ideas for blog posts
I've probably read every blog post on the internet that lists blog post ideas.  Sometimes I do come across a good idea or two, but when it comes down to it I only have the energy to blog about things that I really want to blog about.  And preferably don't have to leave my desk to complete.

Take pictures of Shakee
He just always looks so cute!  And his constant snoring is really distracting.  Luckily he hasn't figured out yet that my phone is a camera... he runs away every time I get my real camera out!

Look at pictures of wedding dresses
I'm making a wedding dress for a girl in my ward, so I can make the excuse that I'm doing research.  But when it comes down to it I just really love looking at wedding dresses... I think I might make them for a living someday.  Until then, I'll waste time looking at them when I should be doing something productive.
Stephanie Sunderland takes the most beautiful pictures, and all the brides she photographs have the best dresses... you should really check out her website!

Play the piano
I start playing the piano and I just can't stop... which is really a big problem because I don't really have any reason to play the piano.  I just still can't pull myself away from that Phantom of the Opera book.... even hymns call my name!

Stare at my planner
Instead of doing the things I need to do, I simply just think about the things I need to do.

So there are some things that I do to procrastinate.  How ironic that I got a blog post out of what I do while not blogging.  Please, if you have any ideas for blog post ideas, let me know ASAP!

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