Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Day At The Beach

Guess what!  I'm on choir tour!  We left on Tuesday night and slept on the bus.  Well, tried to sleep, none of us really could!

Our first activity was spending a couple of hours on the beach.

It has been years since I've been to the beach on a warm day (the past few times I've went it has been too cold for the water), so it was way fun to walk right into the ocean with my friends!  Sure, it got us soaked, and the water stole Kylee's sunglasses, but it was fun and the sun quickly dried us off once we were done!

Part of the beach going experience is walking around and exploring.  So after checking all the nearby shops for some replacement sunglasses for Ky, we went underneath the dock to take some quality pictures.

We also went on a little bit of a walk.  Good thing Jeff had his poncho to protect him from the sun!

Overall, it was a really fun time!  It is not every day that a Utahn gets to go to the beach with her best friends!

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