Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Meet I Didn't Run In

I'll be running in an invitational later this week, so I didn't run in this week's home meet in order to preserve energy or something.  I wanted to go anyway, so I decided that I would just go to take pictures and to support Simone and Ky!

Jeff was nice to come with me, we had a fun time just walking around, watching people, and doing whatever.

We ran into Bridgely and Eths in the hall and snapped a few pictures of them.

However, Eths wasn't satisfied and made Kylee trade him jackets so that he and Bridge could be matching.  He made sure they made the same facial expressions too!

The weather started looking bad, so Jeff and I basically just stayed for the hurdles before we left.

Though our time there was short, Jeff and I had lots of fun at the meet!  It was really nice just to enjoy it without all of the pre-race nerves.

Have a good day!


Angee said...

Those photos are so clear. Good work!

Madi Riye said...

Thanks Sister Draper! The camera I got for Christmas really makes a difference.

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