Monday, April 14, 2014

Day Two Of Disneyland

Even though on our first day we got done almost everything we wanted to, I was glad that we had one more day in Disneyland!

We got in a couple more rides in our matching blue shirts.  It is the greatest when they take pictures on rides!  And Brandon makes the funniest faces!

Jeff was excited to find this particular brick wall which was kind of hidden away.  He is an expert on the details and history of Disneyland, and apparently this is the wall where they used all sorts of different bricks so that they could decide which ones they wanted to use on the entire park!

Kylee and I got cold.  Because of that, we justified buying Disneyland sweatshirts.  But when it comes down to it, I just wanted a sweatshirt.

Disneyland clothes + Disneyland food = broke

Our last evening was spent wandering and discovering things we hadn't before, such as this very high tech and accurate machine from last century which tells you how good of a kisser you are.  All you do is put your hand on the handle and watch the light go up and down until it stops on one.  Of course, we all tried it, and out of our group, Ky and I got the worst results with 'frigid' and 'platonic'.  The three boys beat us by a ton.

Overall, Disneyland was so much fun!  It was always my dream to go there with my friends, so it was a memorable experience indeed.  Two days was plenty enough time, though!

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