Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 1)

Jeff and I had to go on a Starbucks date because it was raining outside!

Justus claimed to be a photographer, so I let him take my camera for a spin.  Not a good idea, I now have too many pictures of sweaty men working out in the fitness center.

Shakee stayed like this for quite a while while I had to watch a video for health!  Awh Shakee is so cute.  But that video wasn't.  It was about "teen parents" but in my opinion it did NOT count because the so called "teens" were 19!  They're adults!  But whatever.

Our school's dance team has glamour shots of themselves in the halls of our school.  Ky tried to recreate them, and I think she did a truly wonderful job.

We had a track dinner!  There's nothing better than food and a motivational speech from the most adorable coach ever.

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