Thursday, April 3, 2014

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

I ran in another invitational!  Worst race ever, but that might be because until Monday, I hadn't ran for a week and a half because of SkillsUSA.  But that's okay, there's always next race!  Plus the weather was beautiful.

Shakee clearly doesn't want me to do homework.  Fine with me!

We had to say goodbye to our English student teacher!  She really was the best student teacher, and will be an amazing teacher in Taiwan or wherever she ends up going.  We really liked her and will miss her, so we gave her an offering of rice and got this terrible selfie with her!

My friends and I decided that it was about time to make some more macarons!

My cousin Shawn got his GED and scored really high so his mom threw him a bit of a party!  It was actually super fun, and the food was great.  The best part, however, was how we could get pictures with Shawn and he would actually smile!

Last Shakee picture for the week, I promise.  He got a haircut!  Or should we say a hairCUTE ahahaha!

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