Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

I really love the Earth.  So naturally I would enjoy Earth Day, but the problem is that I really don't know how to celebrate this particular holiday.  You can only hug so many trees.  So this year,  in celebration I will blog about a little excursion my cousins, mom, grandma, aunt, and I went on!

It has to do with Earth Day because we were exploring some gardens!

We were actually heading to The Tulip Festival, but the weather wasn't looking too good so we decided to save it for another day.  We instead explored some of the free gardens they have there, which was still impressive.

We also ate some delicious mini doughnuts we bought from a doughnut bus.  Doughnut ask me why it was there, because I don't really know!  But it was great!

The excessive amount of forks my mom grabbed really inspired me to try starting a new trend:

After exploring the gardens a bit more, we went inside to the candy shop because I love candy shops!  I bought some suckers just because they were pretty.  And I'm thinking about getting a phone case like Alli's for my dad for his birthday.

Anyway, it was such a fun excursion!  I really love spending time with my cousins, especially because I don't see these ones as often.  They are adorable and hilarious!

Now go hug a bush or something (just make sure it's not a rose bush).  Happy Earth Day!

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