Friday, April 4, 2014

On Our Way To St. George!

It was kind of a shame that I missed last week's track meet in St. George, but I guess it's not too big of a deal because that's our travel destination this weekend!  You see, my grandma got a new van which she is so excited about, so we are making a delivery to our St. George cousins so that they can have her old van.  The perfect excuse to get away!

I must admit that her van is super cool.  It has TV's, cameras, secret compartments, basically anything you would ever need!  It was kind of a relief when Seiji started driving, though, because my grandma would show us all the cool features of her car while we were driving, and that could have been dangerous haha!

We have to stop every now and then to go to the bathroom and buy snacks.  We always seem to stop at this same gas station which has a petting zoo.  I'm pretty sure the zebra there was dead, but it is pretty cool how many animals they have!

And, of course, we had to stop to get some "squeaky cheese"!  That stuff is so delicious, except we always buy way more than we can eat.

It was so great to finally make it to St. George!  I love when I get to see my cousins who live there, because those times are rare.

We were starving by then, so we headed straight to a restaurant.  Their sweet potato fries were really good!

It was a successful journey to our destination!  Come back tomorrow, I have several posts planned to show you guys what we did during our trip, haha.

Have a great day!

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