Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prom: Dinner & The Dance

Mexican is the only exception for Kylee's dislike of ethnic food, so I convinced Jeff that the four of us should go to Red Iguana in Salt Lake City, because we both know that that place is kind of the greatest Mexican food restaurant ever!

Luckily Ky and Justin liked it too.  It was so worth the 40 minute wait!  I ate every bit of those enchiladas I ordered, and we even got serenaded.  That was a little bit awkward, though, because we didn't know if we were supposed to tip them or not.

After we ate dinner, it was 8:00.  That's when the dance started, but you can't just go to a dance on time!  So we decided to drive around so that we could show up fashionably late, because fashionable we undoubtedly are.

We drove by Cathedral of the Madeleine when I started commenting on how gorgeous it is.  Jeff informed me that you can basically just walk into cathedrals whenever you want, so of course we had to stop!

It was absolutely gorgeous both outside and inside.  A bunch of people were just leaving their Spanish speaking mass when we went in, so we got a lot of weird looks, but exploring that place was very entertaining.  It was interesting to notice the similarities and differences between the catholic religion and my own (I'm LDS, as you probably know by now).

After that, we decided that it was late enough to show up to  prom!  It's pretty cool that it is held at our state capitol every year.

I do have one complaint though, and that was the lighting.  You can't have a dance in such a thoroughly lit space!  Way too bright!  But it was gorgeous there.

Well, I guess that concludes my prom posts.  Thanks so much Jeff for taking me to prom and everything!  I'm so lucky - and I had a lot of fun!

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