Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prom Pictures

Prom was today!

Because it had been raining like mad all day, I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get any pictures outside.  My mom and I thought we would have to resort to basement pictures, which we all know is not a quality idea.  But lucky us - the rain stopped just in time!  It was freezing cold taking them, but everything looked so beautiful because of the rain that it was so worth it.

Now let met tell you about my dress.  Actually, I've shown a picture of it last year on my blog when I posted about Unhinged.  I bought it in the summer of 2012 while vintage shopping in Salt Lake City with my mom and grandma.  We were so smitten by this dress from the 1950s that we just had to buy it, even though none of us knew when I would ever be able to wear it!  I mean, it's kind of fancy for most events, right?

Well now was finally my chance!  But I had to fix it up first.  I had to cut out the innermost layer, which was falling apart.  I had to sew up under one of the sleeves which had ripped.  I also had to make the liner shorter, because for some reason it was even longer than the sheer in the front.  It fit me perfectly on the waist but was kind of falling off my shoulders, so I took in the top a little bit.  So now, other than a tiny little hole that isn't worth fixing, this dress is in perfect condition.  What a lucky find!

And aren't the flowers Jeff gave me so pretty?  They went perfectly along with my dress and I couldn't stop smelling them all night.  Speaking of Jeff, he was the best date ever!  He is such a gentleman, and I must say that he looked very handsome in his tux.

Anyway, there are our pictures which my mom did a great job at taking.  Soon after we got them, Kylee and her boyfriend showed up so we snapped just a few more!

I'm seriously so exhausted now, but you'll hear from me some more tomorrow about dinner and the dance!  Sleep well, my friends!

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