Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweet Tooth

So you know how I had to take pictures for the title "Food Coloring"?  Well that was pretty straight forward.  I found my other title, "Sweet Tooth" to be much more challenging...  I had big ideas of dressing somebody up like they were from the 50s and going outside and getting many pictures of them drinking from a vintage looking coke bottle or something, but of course there was no time for that.  Luckily Kylie was over and was willing to model for me!  Unfortunately, it was getting a little bit too dark outside...

Because of the disappearing light, we moved into the basement and hung up a sheet.  The lighting down there is lacking quality as well, so that was kind of a problem.  But Kylie was very patient with me!  I think we snapped a few cute pictures despite the lighting.

I told my dad about my lighting problem and he proceeded to buy me a set of umbrella lights off of Amazon.  So once they come, my pictures should be gloriously lit!

Anyway, I'm so grateful that Kylie was willing to let me dress her up and take a billion pictures of her.  But then again, who wouldn't do that if they could get a delicious pink sucker out of it?  Haha!

Oh, and this is the one that I will be displaying in the photo show:

Have a good one!

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