Friday, April 25, 2014

The Aquarium!

For our prom day date, Justin and Jeff took Kylee and I to the new Living Planet Aquarium!  I love aquariums and so I was really excited.

I'm very mad at myself for forgetting my good camera!  So phone pictures will have to do.

Since this aquarium just opened, it was CRAZY packed.  We got there and searched a really long time for parking before we just decided to park on the side of the road.  The walk from the car to the building was freezing because it was raining , so I guess I shouldn't have bothered curling my hair that morning, haha!

When we made it to the building, there was a line going out the door and some worker told us that they had reached their full capacity and were going to wait 45 minutes before they let anyone else in.  We decided that it would be worth the wait, even though the wait would be extremely cold.

I'm glad we decided to wait because the aquarium was so cool!  Of course, with so many people there, we saw a lot of people that we knew.  Jeff and even I saw our favorite seminary teacher and got to meet his cute kids!

I think that my favorite fish were the seahorses and the stingrays.  The stingrays were so cute!  There was this one that really liked us and kept coming over near us and sticking its head out of the water.  It kind of freaks me out touching them, though, because they are so slimy and squishy.  But they are adorable!

And I kind of love photo booths, so I made sure we stopped by one.  It's always a challenge fitting four people in that little space, but it can be done!

If you get a chance, do check out The Living Planet Aquarium.  It is pretty impressive!  There is even a South American section of the place where they make it all humid and stuff so you feel like you really are in South America while you look at fish big enough that you could ride.  Oh, and don't forget the gift shop!

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