Monday, April 7, 2014

The Glitter Pits

We went to the most interesting place!  The girls call it the "Glitter Pits", and it is basically just an area out in the middle of nowhere where the ground is completely covered in mica.

We hung around there for quite a while, it was so much fun finding the prettiest rocks and trying to chip them out of the side of a cliff.

I decided to take some of my findings home, they were too cool not to!

Not pictured, the giant rock Kodi found for me.  She's so sweet!

What an adventurous place!

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Art larive said...

Re: the glitter pit.
This site is not open to the public.. it is an active mining claim and has been for years. anyone going there and taking rocks is Claim Jumping
I know the claim owners. And it is not ok for people to go there.
Because of sites like yours, people have stolen literally tons of material.

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