Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To Conclude Our St. George Trip...

To conclude our St. George adventure, we drove a couple miles (probably more...I was asleep during the drive!) to an old church.

It was pretty cool, and we took a tour of it.  It is an LDS church and there is actually a ward that goes there.  They have a total of two primary kids!  Wowie!

Our kind tour guide let me play the pump organ, which is kind of really awesome because they don't make those anymore.  It was hard, though, having to concentrate on pumping at the same time as playing!

We then went to the Mountain Meadows Massacre memorials.  Crazy story!

And, of course, we grabbed something to eat because eating is always important.

Those were just a couple of last things we did before going back home.  It was definitely a good trip!

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