Friday, May 9, 2014

Adventures With The CDC

The day started with a visit to a bunch of doctors and people working for the CDC.  My brother, dad, and I were randomly selected to go in for medical exams and interviews so that we could represent 65,000 Asian Americans in statistics and what not.  I figured it was worth the $240 they would pay me, especially because I didn't have to let them take my blood - yeah!

Anyway, it was an interesting trip because I had to go from room to room where they would do different things in each.  Like in one, they measured and weighed me, and in another they looked at my teeth, and in another they asked me in great detail what I ate the day before.

I was on my third to last station when I made it to the room where they measure blood pressure.  No big deal, my blood pressure is measured every year in physicals for cross country and track.  But here they did it kind of weird, the lady had me sit still for 5 minutes and then she took my blood pressure and man that thing was tight and she was feeling the pulse on my wrist.  I was fine, but of course she had to repeat it twice more.  So she started on the second one, and I guess the fact that she was squeezing my wrist and that there was so much pressure on my arm was too much for me, because I started blacking over.  I told her that, and the next thing I remember was being on the ground and hearing the lady tell people how I had passed out.  I opened my eyes and there were a bunch of people standing above me and it was kind of awkward.

Once I started feeling a little bit better, the lady decided that she should take my blood pressure again to make sure I was okay... like what?  Lady, I'm not going to be okay if you keep taking my blood pressure!  Give it up!  I actually really liked that lady, though, but her taking my blood pressure again sent me to the ground for another 10 minutes or so.  But then another lady brought me juice and that kind of helped.

That's my story for the day.  I took a long time to get the color back in my face, and I was cold and shaky for several hours.  But then I ate $25 worth of seafood and took a nap and I was fine.  All you Asian Americans out there, you should feel so grateful for the pains I went through to represent you in statistics, haha!

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