Friday, May 23, 2014

Favorites Of The Week

The moment Kylee and I have been waiting for - turning in our AP Calculus books!

Unfortunately, we had to clean out our gorgeous locker.  We got one last, mournful picture before tearing down all of the pictures and packing up the extra rice and noodles.

We are in the process of trying to get recruits for cross country because we are going to have like NOBODY after the seniors leave.  I'm impressed with whoever made the fliers, I think they're pretty convincing.

Speaking of running signs, the one I made is still up!  We had to get a picture to celebrate it lasting through all of the wind storms we had.

My cute cousins/piano students created me a chalk surprise!

I've been getting so excited for China.  I'm practically ready now that I've bought my airplane entertainment!

You'll be happy to know that our baby is doing so good!  A little too good - we have to watch him carefully to make sure that he doesn't run and jump around too much.
I know it doesn't look like he's doing any better, but that's because I had to wake him up for this picture.  I promise you he's back to his old self!

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