Monday, May 12, 2014

Flying Away

I'm lucky to have a cousin who is willing to do weird things for me.

For photo class at school, we had an assignment to complete a project from this magazine of 50 photo ideas.  I chose the idea of taking a picture of someone jumping while holding an umbrella to look like they are being taken away by it!  I wanted to do something a little bit unique, so I decided to go for an early 1900's vibe.  Which meant having to find someone who will dress accordingly, haha!  So of course, Allie was my girl!  She's really good at modeling, too, so that was a plus.  And she was good at holding an umbrella and jumping!

It's kind of a shame that you can't really tell that she's jumping, but whatever.  And no, I couldn't have put her on that hill because then you would have seen the houses behind her and that would have been a problem!  Anyway.  Allie is adorable.

Thanks for modeling for me, Allie!

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