Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goodbye, 11th Grade

Well, yet another school year has ended.  What if I told you that nothing has changed since it started?

In previous years, a lot changed over the course of one grade.  But this year, it really hasn't.  I feel like my friends and I have reached a point in our high school careers that nothing much will change until we graduate.  Kylee, Jeff, and Ethan are still my best friends, I still am dating Jeff, am involved in cross country, and I look exactly the same as I did last August.

One thing that is different about this year, and will make me remember it better, is my friendship with Simone!  It is so hard to be aware that, with foreign exchange students, you only have a year with them and that's it.

Another thing that's different about this year is that I joined SkillsUSA!  I really should have done it last year, but I'm glad that Eths finally succeeded in talking me into joining.  It really was an amazing experience.  And winning gold our first year?  Not too bad!

Oh and I guess I should mention that it was my last year of choir.  I decided that it wasn't good for me to be in choir when I could be doing college credits, and plus, I don't really like choir.  Whether it be the people or choir singing itself, it is definitely not for me any more.  Kind of sad after three years, but I'm excited about ending that chapter of my life!

Uhhh...anyone wanna buy my uniform off of me?

So that's all that is new, really.  I'm proud of myself for surviving AP calculus, and have loved my college astronomy class.  I met some really incredible, influential teachers this year who I will definitely remember.  As today is the last real day of school - I am excited to see 11th grade go!

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