Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

Today is Kylie's birthday!  We really love having birthdays right next to each other so that we can celebrate together and not feel awkward because it really would be kind of awkward to have your own celebration.

I love Kylie!  Seiji picked the greatest girlfriend, because it turns out that Kylie is one great lady.  She's just so helpful, fun, and nice!  I love that she comes over to our house even before Seiji gets home so that I can steal her away to run errands with me or to help me cook.  She's always up for whatever, and I really appreciate that.  She is just like a sister to me, which is convenient because she will probably most likely really be my sister in a matter of years!

I also really love that Kylie has a great style, and that she and I share a lot of the same opinions and tastes.  I'm lucky that Kylie is a lady who I can relate to, because I feel like there aren't many of them out there!

So Kylie, happy birthday!  You are my favorite!

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