Sunday, May 18, 2014

Madi & Kylee: A History

Today is Kylee's birthday!  "Now who is Kylee?" you may be wondering.  Funny you should ask, because she's only like my best friend ever!  Also, if you're asking, that means you have never been on my blog before.

Well, it all started in 5th grade.... That is the grade that we met in!  I switched over to her school for the A.L.L. class (formerly known as "Gifted and Talented" hahaha) and she was in it too.  We weren't absolute BFFs right off, but we got to know each other over the course of the school year, and by the time of our birthdays we were chummy enough to have a combined birthday party at a roller skating rink!  Best party ever!

Clear creek!

We LOVED rice krispie treats... so we had them instead of cake!

The next year was 6th grade, of course.  We had the exact same class as the year before just because that's the way the A.L.L. class works out.  By this time, she and I started becoming the weirdos that we are today...  We thought we were so old being at the top of the Elementary school and being able to go to the 6th grade dance!

7th grade is probably the most awkward year for us, the one that we would be almost okay with forgetting.  It was pretty cool though, starting Jr. High together!  Plus it was our first year of track.  We were sprinters back then and we thought we were awesome.

We thought we were models.

In 8th grade we finally made some friends.  We were "The Posse" and we all had so much fun!  It only lasted that school year, but I won't ever forget those Posse memories.  We also went to our first year of EFY which we thought was the greatest thing ever!  We were disappointed in the lack of cute boys, but we had the coolest counselor ever so it's okay.  She would cry over salad... and only now can I totally understand why.

Everyone thought we were crazy!

9th grade was a really good year, Kylee says it is her favorite of the Jr. High years (personally I think it ties with 8th grade).  We did a lot of fun things!  We formed a new group of friends, "The Bros" (what's with all of our names...?) which we did so many fun things with.  Good times, good times.  We also sang in "Honor Choir", which was quite the honor because only 8 kids in the whole school did.  But we were the choir teacher's favorites, so we got the gig.  And it was so fun!

10th grade was a little bit rough for us, but we got through it together!  It was our first year of high school, and we were each other's only friends for a period of time before we decided to stop being nomads.  And then, at the end of it, we turned 16!  That was the greatest ever, because then we had freedom to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted!  Or so we thought.

And now we are in 11th grade.  It has been crazy!  Kylee got a job at the beginning and now has a boyfriend, and of course I'm busy too, so we don't have as much time together anymore.  But we still are the best of friends!  It was so much fun going to every single dance together this year (not as each other's dates of course, just in the same group)!  And going to Disneyland with Ky was so great, I mean how many chances in your life will you have to go to that magical place with your BFF?  We were so lucky!


As you can now see, Kylee and I have been friends for a really long time.  Not once have we ever been in a fight with each other.  When you have a friend as understanding and caring as Kylee, there's no drama!  I'm so grateful to have her in my life, because she has always been there for me.  And she's so much fun!  Going to China with her will be the greatest!

So Kylee, happy birthday!  I love you so much!  Thanks for being the best friend ever!


EmWil23 said...

You two are too adorable. This pictures made me laugh a little remembering you guys back then. Fabulous blog-I love looking at it every now and then! You are amazing! This is Emily Wilcox btw :)

Madi Riye said...

Haha, we've really changed since then, haven't we? But at the same time, we haven't, haha. And thanks Emily - you're too sweet :)

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