Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh, It's My Birthday!

I swear I just had my birthday!  Man, this year has flown by really quickly, but at the same time I feel like I've been 16 forever.  I can hardly remember being 15, that is way too young.  Even 16 is super young sounding.  I've thought I was 17 for a while, actually, whenever somebody asked me how old I was these past few weeks, I've accidentally said 17.  But I kept forgetting that my birthday was coming up so soon, but look, here it is!

My birthday was pack full of fun things. It started with a nice B day which consists of photo, math, choir, and conditioning.  I used to hate B days because of math, but now that the AP test is over we just hang out all period!  Our friend Brock is a math genius, and not only did he invent a theorem that was put in textbooks this year, he also invented a game called Apples to Chapels!  I finally got to play it today and I must say it is pretty great.  Kylee won - she was the best at matching scriptures to different gospel topics, haha!

Jeff, Kylee, and Simone took me to Zupas to lunch, which was a wonderful thing because I love their salads so much!  It was a fun trip; so fun that I forgot to take a picture!

During conditioning, we left to the track meet.  It was regions, which means that it was our final huzzah!  I'm relieved that the track season is over, it didn't go super well for me because I had so many things to stress over these past couple of months, so not much time to train.  Plus the end of track means the beginning of cross country, and I'm all for that!

My mom and Kylie came to support at the meet, which was super nice of them.  After I ran, we went to visit my grandma at her work, then we tried out Swig which just opened up.  Their cookies are amazing!

Later that night my parents, grandparents, Seiji, Kylie, Jeff and I went to get Indian food BECAUSE I LOVE INDIAN FOOD SO MUCH!!  It was the greatest dinner of my life.  I was so happy.  And I ate tons!  I was super full after but that's okay because then Jeff and I just sat around and watched Flapjack.  Best show ever.

Also, Jeff made me the most beautiful birthday present ever.  I didn't think he could top last year, but he really impressed me - isn't this a gorgeous charcoal drawing??

It's like 7x9 inches, so I need to get a frame asap so I can hang it on my wall.  Speaking of my wall, Kylee also got me an incredible present!  Half of the Christmas lights in my room went out last week, and I've been obsessed with the idea of round light bulbs ever since forever, so Kylee got me a string of the most wonderful lights that wraps all the way around my room!  I love!

I had a super great birthday, as I'm sure you can see!  Life is so good right now, but it always is this time of year.  Spring + the end of school + my birthday = low stress = happy.  That's the most math I've done in a week!

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