Friday, May 30, 2014

Seiji Graduated!

Seiji graduated today!  Yes, it is definitely crazy.  However, Seiji has been in college for a while now, so nothing really changed!  Of course, I am still proud of him!

It was kind of a long ceremony, and I had to sing with the choir in it.  Jeff and I ditched after we sang, though, so that we could sit with my family!

So many people on both sides of the family came to support.  It was great seeing everybody!

Graduation is kind of sad, though.  Luckily for me, Seiji is sticking around home for a while longer.  But I will miss all of his friends who have basically become my brothers!  All of them are leaving on missions or to college this summer.  Our party house will be too empty.

Well, that is all.  Our childhood is over, Seiji!  That is terrible!  But I'm excited for what Seiji is going to do in his life, and I'm excited to graduate myself next year!

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