Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shakee Got Surgery

The past couple of days have been very nerve-racking at my house.  As I mentioned on Friday, Shakee's legs weren't really working the second half of last week.  By Sunday, the poor little guy was just scooting around on the ground, not really being able to use his back legs at all.

So we took him to the vet's where they told us that Shakee would have to stay for a couple of nights, and maybe have emergency surgery.  The first night they kept him they pinched his toes every couple of hours to make sure that he could still feel them because I guess he was losing feeling (which is better than him being in pain!)  He had feeling in them the whole night, thank goodness, so he didn't have to have surgery until yesterday morning.  I don't really understand what exactly they did surgery on, but apparently it was a problem with his back rather than with his legs like we thought it was.

Anyway, we got to bring him home today!  I know it was just two nights, but it seemed like he was away for a really long time!  Everybody missed him and we were all kind of sad.  So far today he's just been laying around, resting.  It's quite obvious that he's on lots of pain meds.

His shaved back gets pretty cold...

The next few days will be spent taking very good care of our hairy little brother.  We are so grateful that the surgery went well and that he is back with us!  It's kind of funny and wonderful how humans can get so attached to their animals.  I couldn't imagine my home without Shakee in it!

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