Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Piano Recital

I decided that my piano students need some experience at a real "recital hall".  I think that it is so good for kids to learn how to perform, because it can be quite scary at first!

Kylee (who is also a piano teacher) and I were talking about this, and we decided that we'd rent out a place to have a recital.  Our students have been preparing for over a month now, and they did great at the recital tonight!

We had 11 students perform in all, and they were all so cute!  I love to see how excited some of them get, and I love how supportive the parents all are.  My aunt Kim got her three girls flowers afterward, and she even got me some!  Isn't that so thoughtful?!

Jeff also came to support!

I'm grateful that Ky is also a piano teacher so that we can do these things together!

Anyway, I thought I'd share that with you, because it was so much fun and so adorable.  We'll definitely be doing this annually!

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