Saturday, June 14, 2014

China Trip Day 10 - Mt. Lao Zhai Shan & The Reed Flute Cave

We got up super early this morning so that we could complete our hike before the temperature got too high.  We ate breakfast on the roof of our hotel (which had a great view) and then drove to a town about an hour away.  We were shocked to look up and and see the pavilion we were about to climb to.  So high up!

Do you see the tiny little pavilion on the peak of that mountain?

We began the 1,159 stair climb and holy cow it was exhausting!  I got to the top quickly enough, but I have never sweat so much in my entire life.  It makes me tired just to think about it!  The moms compared it to childbirth, so I don't even feel guilty about missing so much cross country practice.

The view from the top was beautiful!  Though the mist made these pictures turn out not so good.

After climbing back down (which was also exhausting), we drove back to the hotel to shower and pack up.

We then ate lunch and headed to our classes!  We had a choice between painting/calligraphy and taiji.  Kylee and I chose taiji, and even though it was outside in the million degree weather, it was so fun!  Our taiji master was a slightly older but extremely flexible man.  He was so funny!

Our taiji master taught us the 10 basic taiji moves which were harder than they looked.  Sometimes he would randomly start kicking the air frantically, haha!  I really liked that guy.

Afterwards, we got some delicious soft serve from the KFC right next to our hotel, then checked out and drove from Yangshuo to Guilin.  We went to the Reed Flute Caves which were so gigantic!  Though they were not well preserved, they were amazing and very beautiful.

I think it was fun that they had all of the colorful lights!  But the projected ballerinas were cheesy, as was the movie on the ceiling of the cave, haha.  And the sound effects!

After the caves, we got dinner then bought some snacks for the train.  That dinner was so good, probably my favorite meal yet.  I'm really happy that the food has gotten better, I really didn't like it at the beginning of the trip!

Our tour guide took us to a fancy hotel just so we could use their bathrooms.  They were definitely the best around, it was such a luxury to use them.  They even had toilet paper!

Then it was off to the train station where we got to wait in a nice waiting room.  We had to wait forever, though!

I liked the picture on this sign.

When we finally got on the train, Kylee and I roomed with our BFFs Shana and Robin (the moms).  We were in the "soft sleepers" for the first time, and it was great having the room to just the four of us!  And we had a door and were in control of our own lights.

I slept really well even though the train was (according to everyone else) jerking around like crazy all night!

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