Sunday, June 15, 2014

China Trip Day 11 - Cityscapes of Hong Kong

We got off the train at 10:20 or so this morning and went straight to a bus which took us to customs and immigration.  After that, we were dropped off at Mr. Anderson's parents house!  His cute mom made us tons of homemade bread and stew.  We were all ready for that kind of meal, it was so delicious!

My first sight of Hong Kong!

After getting our rooms (Madi, Kylee, and I share the guest room on the third floor), we headed off to The Peak!  I rode my first taxi ever to get there!  We walked for about an hour on a pretty, scenic trail.  The overlooks of the city were amazing!  Plus it wasn't too hot, so that is a huge plus.

We then went on a super long walk to a 14 floor LDS church building.  It was amazing!

We walked through the most posh mall we have ever seen.

The church building!  They have sacrament meeting every day of the week here.

Being inside of it was like being in the churches at home.  I loved it!

We then went to McDonald's which was so good!  I got an Oreo shake, I really can't get enough of China's soft serve!

After we ate, we went on a long walk that included two subway trips to a place where we could stand and watch the laser show.  It happens every night in Hong Kong, just a bunch of buildings shooting off lights and lasers to music.  It was pretty cool!  I loved watching the reflections in the water, since it was on a totally separate island.

After the show, we took a ferry across the water and then a taxi back up to the Anderson abode.  They are so nice to let us stay!

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