Tuesday, June 17, 2014

China Trip Day 13 - Our Last Day In China

Our day started out with a taxi ride, a tram ride, and subway trips to the 5th tallest building in the world!  We proceeded to take an elevator to the 100th floor, even though there are many more floors than that.

I also feel that way when I eat ramen.

The entire floor was for beautiful overlooks, and it was called Sky100.  I think it was definitely worth the stop!

We then traveled to the temple to eat the lunches we had packed.  We were all bummed that the temple is closed this week or else we would have loved to do baptisms!

It was so great to see the temple, it is really quite amazing.  I'm glad Mrs. Anderson was there to tell us the history of it!

We then walked across the street to the stake center and distribution center where I found the Liahona issue I was in in March.  Since it was in Chinese, I had to buy it!

After that, we went to the Ladies Market where Kylee, Robin, and I bought our much needed "I heart Hong Kong" t-shirts.  I also bought some burlap shoes!  I love bargaining!  Except it is kind of awkward.

At our next market, the Jade Market, I bought a jade ring.  I'm hoping that the metal isn't so cheap that it will turn my finger green, but you can't always trust those salesladies!

After some ice cream, a boat ride took us to Lamma Island where we had some amazingly delicious Chinese seafood.  It wasn't too strange, it was actually kind of similar to American seafood.  I love it, especially the clams!  And the location was beautiful, right on the shore.

After dinner, we walked on the beach for a little bit and also got more ice cream.

We headed back on the boat, which was the most amazing ride!  Passing all the cityscapes at night is definitely not a sight that I'll forget.  It was a great way to end the most amazing trip!

Returning our Octopus cards was so sad!  We used them to pay for all of our transportation in Hong Kong.

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